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SIDS and Vaccines

One thing that you must know about SIDS and vaccines is that many vaccine reactions which have resulted in death have been labeled as SIDS deaths. But what about babies who are not vaccinated? Since there have been unvaccinated babies die from SIDS, they are not immune, and we cannot say that vaccines are THE cause of SIDS. If a baby has recently received a vaccine, has a reaction and death results...the cause of death is the vaccine, NOT SIDS. Many health departments will not acknowledge this because they don't want to admit that vaccines cause death.

The real connection between crib death and vaccines is in regards to body temperature. A baby who reacts with a fever to vaccines has an increased chance of dying in his crib due to his fever alone. Increased body temperature can increase the fungal growth in the baby's mattress. The more fungal growth that occurs, the higher the amount of gas that will be produced. So it is logical to conclude that babies who run fevers frequently are going to have a more deadly mattress. This is the same reason why it is dangerous to wrap your baby up too warmly. The baby's temperature increases, and then the baby will sweat, creating a warm environment inside the mattress and a soiled bed from the baby's perspiration. Even worse is then using bedding with polyester filling or fleece blankets (these materials contain harmful elements as well) that can possibly cover baby's head and allow no fresh air to circulate, forcing baby to breathe in more of the gases.

Because "authorities" don't recognize the toxic gas explanation for crib death, you don't know if a vaccine reaction resulted in death, or if a fever caused by the reaction set off the toxic gas reaction, resulting in death. Since no babies have died on a wrapped mattress (I don't know how many of these babies have been vaccinated) you can safely accept that your baby is safest on a wrapped mattress.

For any baby, vaccinated or not, please read about making your baby's crib "SIDS Safe."


Please note that we use "SIDS" and "crib death" interchangeably. For an explanation of these terms, please visit SIDS or Crib Death?
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