Monday, October 03, 2016

Quilted Mattress Protector and the BabeSafe Mattress Cover

I've been a BabeSafe reseller for over a decade, and I just recently realized the seriousness of using quilted mattress protectors on top of the BabeSafe mattress cover. I've always contended that if you "know" that the inside of a homemade quilted product is 100% cotton, then it is safe. And I've thought that you could tell the difference between cotton and polyester filled quilting by the weight of the fabric. This is somewhat true, but not the whole truth.

This past weekend, I was at a fabric store looking at the "cotton batting" when I read the entire label and realized that it is not 100% cotton, but 80% cotton and 20% polypropylene. Now, I don't know if polypropylene is harmful for babies or not, but the fact is that people buy "cotton batting" and get more than what they are expecting if they don't read the entire label.

When making products for babies such as an "underblanket" used with the BabeSafe mattress cover, it is safest to use a towel labeled 100% cotton. Do not use cotton batting to make your own mattress pad. And do not use a quilt that you "knew" was filled with 100% cotton!