Monday, May 16, 2016

Why Did This Happen to Me?

I am so very sorry for all of the babies who have died. I cannot imagine the pain of losing a baby that was a part of me for nine months or even longer on this earth. I truly, truly, cannot imagine it. I cannot answer the question why some babies die because of their mattresses and others do not. Some people refute the toxic gas theory with the comment, "if it were the mattresses, then ALL babies would die on the mattresses..." but this is not logical. We would not expect all babies to die after vaccines because some babies died after vaccines, would we?

The biggest risk factor according to the toxic gas theory is using a used mattress that is not wrapped. A baby that has fevers frequently is more at risk, because an increase in body temperature exponentially increases the fungal growth on the mattress. For the same reason, male babies die more frequently due to their higher body temperature. Other sources also state that a baby's alkaline urine, drool, and sweat, etc. from a vitamin C deficiency will increase the amount of fungus that grows in a baby's mattress. (Please see the The Infant Survival Guide: Protecting Your Baby From the Dangers of Crib Death, Vaccines and Other Environmental Hazards by Lendon H. Smith, M.D., with Joseph Hattersley, M.A.)

There are a TON of environmental dangers that we still fall prey to every day. We are hearing about "sick" schools and dangerous playground equipment. We are learning about the dangers of certain personal care and cleaning items which have been approved by the government as "safe." It is all so very tragic and unnecessary and yet it continues to happen to families every day. IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT. You have every right to be angry, but do not be angry at the people who are trying to communicate the truth to parents so that they can have some answers. I don't think ANY "answer" to SIDS would be acceptable to parents who have suffered such a loss. Because no matter what the reason or answer, it still isn't fair.

Our world is largely motivated by money. Numerous industries have been affected by greed, profit margins, and trying to please investors. The SIDS industry is not immune to the power of the almighty dollar and millions each year are spent to "investigate" and "educate" people about SIDS. But just like the cancer industry will never find the "cure" to cancer, the SIDS industry will always be baffled about the true cause of SIDS. This is what we should be angry about. 

I wrote this blog to save as many babies as possible. I do profit off the sales of the BabeSafe mattress covers. I don't know anyone who wants to work for free. We are not internet jockeys passing on information from someone else's blog. We are backed by a forensic scientist and chemist who spent a great portion of his life researching why babies were dying for no apparent reason. I hope you share this information, even if you're skeptical. 

I had a friend many years ago who was skeptical about mattress wrapping. Shortly after learning about it, she found out that a friend had lost a baby to SIDS and when the state found out how her baby died, they made sure to tell her to throw out her baby's mattress. She came back to me convinced that there was something to this, and perhaps people knew something that should be made public.

I'm sorry that I'm too late for your baby. I hope that you will join me and Dr TJ Sprott in educating people on the true cause of SIDS. 

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