Monday, May 16, 2016

Who is Dr. TJ Sprott?

Born in New Zealand in 1924, T James Sprott was destined to become something great- and that he did. After growing up in New Zealand, Sprott attended University of Auckland from 1942-1948, seconded by New Zealand Air Force.

The degrees earned by Sprott include Bachelor of Science, Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics; Master of Science, Honours in Chemistry; Doctor of Philosophy, Chemistry.
Scholarships won by Dr. Sprott include University Entrance, National Research Fellow, Rotary Scholar, and Auckland Manufacturer's Society Scholar. Professional memberships include Member, New Zealand Institute of Chemistry from 1947-86, and Fellow, New Zealand Institute of Chemistry 1986- . In 1995, Sprott received the honor of Order of the British Empire (OBE) for services to forensic science and the community.

Dr. Sprott's past occupations include:
L S Spackman, Public Analyst (part time)1941-47
Joseph Ltd (NZ) Ltd, Plant Chemist 1949-52
T J Sprott & Associates, Consulting Chemists 1952-83
Carter Consolidated Ltd, Director1960-74
Carter Oji Kokusaku Ltd, Director 1968-74
Sharland & Co Ltd, Consultant & Director1953-74
Northern Pulp Ltd, Director1964-86
Consulting chemist, forensic scientist1952-
Centre for Advanced Medicine Ltd, Consultant 1996-
 (Resident in Canada 1986~1993)
Dr. Sprott has been voluntarily researching Sudden Infant Death since about 1981. He was an honorary consultant to Central TV (UK) in 1994, and has actively promoted the Cot Life 2000 Campaign since the same year. 
His publications include The ABC of Injustice, 1986; The Cot Death Cover-up? published by Penguin Books 1996 in New Zealand and 1997 in Britain. He also publishes CotLife 2000 brochures.

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