Monday, June 16, 2014

Fans May Reduce the Risk of SIDS

"Fans may reduce the risk of SIDS, or sudden infant death syndrome, a new study shows."

This study was from 2008. But scientists still can't tell you why fans reduce the risk of SIDS. Do you think they are still looking?

One scientist, Dr. TJ Sprott, and others who have followed his lead, know exactly why fans reduce the risk of SIDS, just as back sleeping also reduces the risk of SIDS. If you have a theory in mind, like the toxic gas theory, these reduced risk factors help answer the whys. If a crib mattress is producing a toxic nerve gas, then sleeping on your back away from where the gases are produced would help prevent inhalation of the gases, thereby reducing death. Likewise, a fan, moving air downward, would blow the toxic nerve gases down, away from a baby's breathing space.

While the article refers to re-breathing carbon dioxide, this is not the case in SIDS/ crib death cases. The only question is, when will mainstream scientists in the SIDS cure industry finally admit that conventional mattresses are toxic and Dr. TJ Sprott was right all along?

I'm not holding my breath.