Monday, June 16, 2014

AAP releases controversial guidelines on SIDS prevention

AAP releases controversial guidelines on SIDS prevention

This article is from October 2005. I will pull out the important portions:

"SIDS, also known as crib death, is diagnosed when an otherwise healthy infant is found dead, and no other obvious cause can be found after thorough investigation. Death by suffocation, for example, is ruled out."

"It is estimated that 2300 babies die of SIDS each year. The incidence has been reduced by the “back to sleep” campaign. Other known risk factors for SIDS are...overheating the infant, use of soft sleeping surfaces such as couches or waterbeds, and use of pillows, sheets, and blankets in the infants sleep environment."

Now what I find so interesting here, is that most people, when reading the list of prohibited sleeping surfaces or products, assume that these things lead to suffocation. "Don't put that comforter in the crib, Ethel, the baby could suffocate!"

But this article says suffocation deaths have been ruled out and are not part of SIDS statistics. So how are these items leading to deaths?

The entire list of hazardous items can be answered by the toxic gas theory for crib death.

Wrap your baby's mattress and use only cotton blankets in the crib to avoid these toxic nerve gases.