Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Safest Crib Mattress on the Market

I get questions all the time about crib mattresses and which is the best for babies. With the variety of sizes, innerspring and foam options, organic or conventional...I can see why new parents are overwhelmed. The truth is, no matter where you get your mattress or what it's made from, you have the power to make it the safest possible option for your baby.

If you take crib death out of the equation, and ignore that the BabeSafe mattress cover is sold for just that purpose, you can use your common sense to see that the mattress cover has other VERY positive attributes.

If you purchase a new mattress, there will be new mattress chemical off-gassing to contend with.
If you purchase or borrow a used mattress, you will still have new chemicals off-gassing (until??) as well as everything that the other baby(ies) did while sleeping on the mattress. Pee. Poop. Sweat. Drool. Spit up. It's in or on your baby's used mattress.
If you purchase a new mattress, it becomes used the second you lay your baby on it, and every time from that point forward, you are sleeping your baby on everything that was absorbed or left on the (Vinyl!!) covering from the time before.

The BabeSafe mattress cover takes care of all of these issues. Oh, and it's been known to protect babies from crib death as well!

The BabeSafe mattress cover is 100% impermeable to anything a baby can do on the mattress. When you change the sheets, wipe down, and it's like you have a brand new mattress all over again. No worries about the off-gassing of either chemical gases OR toxic nerve gases generated by the fungus that the baby's body heat generates inside the mattress. It's a win-win.

The safest crib mattress on the market is one covered by a BabeSafe mattress cover. Whether you spend $200 on a new one, or $10 on a used one, YOU can make it safe by covering your baby's mattress.