Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Do NOT Wrap Your Own Mattress

I've been checking out posts online again and I came across someone instructing parents to wrap their own baby mattresses with plastic sheeting found at home supply stores. DO NOT DO THIS. The construction grade plastic sheeting may contain numerous contaminants not fit to be slept on by babies. I have compared the two qualities, and they are not the same. It is really scary how people are about to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars over their child's lifetime, but they don't want to spend a few tens for a product that can protect their baby (and any other baby that sleeps on it) from crib death. This is one of those products that you don't scrimp on. Buy a used crib mattress, and cover it with a BabeSafe mattress cover. Or if you have a friend who is finished with her crib mattress, I bet she will give it to you!

Another thing I want to touch on is organic crib mattresses. People invest a lot of money into these mattresses because they think they are safe for babies. Well, the problem is that even organic mattresses in the US must be treated with flame retardants. The only mattresses not treated with flame retardants are sold to people with doctor's prescriptions. While I am a fan of organic anything, I believe more strongly in re-using, especially with crib mattresses, as it doesn't require ANY new raw materials, and when you cover it with a BabeSafe cover, it is safer than any organic mattress on the market.