Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Bad Information on Yahoo! Answers

Every once and a while I research what people are out there saying about BabeSafe, sids prevention, and mattress wrapping. Today was a huge letdown as I read misinformation on Yahoo! Answers, and there is no way to post a response as apparently the topic is closed. It's irritating when people answer questions who really have no idea what they are talking about, and parents don't realize it and accept their answer as fact. Why people would ask a question about BabeSafe on Yahoo! Answers is beyond me. What do we have Google for if not to do our own research and make our own informed decisions?!
One thing that I found disturbing is that a responder said that his/her doctor recommended an apnea monitor instead of a BabeSafe mattress cover. Anyone that has done any research about crib death should know that a baby who is already in process of dying (when it truly is "SIDS") cannot be revived. The monitor would be pointless in regards to SIDS.
Another thing I read is that if the BabeSafe mattress covers were proven to work, they would be in every home. That's interesting, because cancer has been proven weak against Vitamin C, but how many of us take it everyday? People still smoke even though it is a known cause of cancer. See where I'm going? Just because something IS, doesn't move us to action, especially when there are people out there telling us something is a scam when it's not. (And obviously people care more about what other people think than the research itself, because they are on Yahoo! Answers to ask them!)
Finally, the reasoning: "What HAS been proven to work is that back sleeping does prevent SIDS." Actually, this is not even true. It reduces the chances remarkably, but does anyone ask the reason why? If you have just given all the reasons why NOT to buy a BabeSafe mattress cover, and then make a statement that SUPPORTS why it works, I will probably not listen to a word you say. Duh. If you miss the point, it is that babies sleeping on their backs breathe air away from the mattress, whereas a baby sleeping face down are breathing in concentrated gases coming from the mattress. The BabeSafe cover blocks all of those gases from entering your baby's breathing space.
Now the question that most people have is why some babies die of crib death and others do not: they are all sleeping on these mattresses, so logic tells us that they all should die if the mattress is the cause. Well, there are so many variables: the amount of chemicals in the mattress, the amount of fungus growing in the mattress, the amount of baby urine/spit up on the mattress, the baby's body temperature, the room temperature, the amount of inflammation in the baby's body from illness or malnutrition, other causes of inflammation in babies such as smoking by a caretaker or vaccines, other exposure in infant seats, furniture, etc. to toxic gases. All of these factors will determine babies more susceptible to SIDS, but for babies sleeping on a wrapped mattress, the factors are almost moot.
A similar question follows vaccines. Why do some babies react and even die when getting vaccinated, and others do not? Many would believe it is an allergic reaction of some kind, but that is not completely accurate. Think about the variations in what goes into each syringe. Remember...they are recalled. And sometimes not, when they should be.
Anyway, don't depend on Yahoo! Answers for answers on topics like this. It's just not worth it.