Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Genes and SIDS

It never fails. Every time I do some on-line research of SIDS news I end up so frustrated that I don't know what to do. I found this article from early this year:

Before I explain why I am so upset, in all fairness please understand that I have been watching the SIDS industry for about 3 years. While you may just now be learning about Dr. Sprott and his toxic gas theory, it has been "out there" for many more years, and he has had 100% success with SIDS prevention utilizing mattress wrapping. That said, here are some pieces that infuriate me:

First of all, this study showed that 5- yes 5% of deaths from SIDS in African American babies can be attributed to a certain gene. (Are you wondering about the other 95%?) AND, "half of those deaths result from a common genetic variation that increases an infant's risk of developing an abnormal heart rhythm during times of ENVIRONMENTAL STRESS..." (CAPS mine).

The environmental stress that they avoid seeing is what Dr. Sprott has already discovered- the toxic gases from baby AND adult mattresses, which are avoided when parents wrap their baby's mattress. So doesn't it make sense that if ALL babies have ANY genetic problems, black, white, hispanic, or Indian, we should protect their environment?

No, according to this study, "The hope is that findings like this may one day allow us to intervene. We might screen to identify children at high risk and teach parents how to lessen the likelihood of secondary challenges. We have already begun to evaluate drugs that may mitigate the risk."

Surprise, surprise! DRUGS! First, African American babies will be screened (who will pay for THAT?) for certain genes, and THEN their parents will be convinced that their baby is at increased risk for SIDS, and given a drug, probably for the first year of the baby's life! Can you imagine? What I'm wondering at this point is why we can't (do what Dr. Sprott has been doing for years) control the environmental stress instead of putting drugs (which ALL have side effects) into our infants? Is anyone else wondering what else might be added to this drug? Hmmm...

The article even admits:

"But SIDS is not purely genetic; it appears to require multiple "hits," some from altered genes and some from the environment.

The environment's role was demonstrated by the "Back to Sleep" campaign, begun in 1994, which cut the prevalence of SIDS in half by teaching parents to put babies to sleep lying on their backs. The campaign was based, in part, on the assumption that babies sleeping on their bellies had more spells of interrupted breathing or apnea."

The SIDS industry is following the cancer industry fairly well. Instead of looking at external causes, we are looking at the body and how it is "broken." It has already been proven that SIDS is caused by toxic gases, and it has already been proven that not only is cancer somewhat preventable, it is also very treatable without the use of toxic drugs that often kill rather than save. Instead of looking down their microscopes, both industries need to look at the ones who do NOT die of SIDS, or do NOT get cancer and pay attention to what they are doing. They are so busy trying to develop drugs that they don't see what is going on right in front of them!

Yes, it is ALL about the money. And the most frustrating part is that our US tax money is funding this nonsense. I don't know about you, but I am livid. When will America wake up?!