Monday, August 07, 2006


Today I wasn't feeling well and spent most of the day in bed. I'm not sure what made me think of it, but it occurred to me that I have been on-line for over 3 years, and the mainstream media, medical establishment, and parents have not caught on to the toxic gas theory for crib death. I imagine that one day it will be "breaking news." Hopefully I will not be a grandma then.

It just amazes me how people are so gullible in some respects, and so mistrusting in others. I wonder what it will take for someone to finally declare the toxic gas theory THE cause for crib death. I mean, while scientists continue to search for the cause of SIDS, babies around the globe have slept on wrapped mattresses for over 10 years with NO crib deaths. The statistical evidence is so overwhelming that it has been declared by some scientists to prove that toxic gases are the single cause of crib death. The reason for this is that if there were another cause of crib death, then in the last 10 years a baby would have died on a wrapped mattress.

I just don't get how people don't understand that. In part, I blame the fact that many parents today can barely understand what they read, much less scientific studies or statistical information. They rely on emotions or what they've been told by their doctors or friends.

Anyway, I hope that there is a breakthrough soon. I've just searched for any type of SIDS news on-line and came up empty-handed. I wonder where all those SIDS dollars are being spent this week.