Monday, February 20, 2006

The Truth About SIDS

I love a great debate. But sometimes, you just gets old. The worst thing when it comes to people arguing with you are people who don't know what they are talking about, are too lazy to research the info, but continue to insist that they know better. Isn't it the WORST?!

Here's the thing...people who have lost a baby to SIDS insist that there is NO way to prevent it. They can't look at the information objectively. They can't imagine that there is something that they could have done to prevent their baby's death. They argue that if there was a way to prevent SIDS, it would be all over the news. Why? Why would they think that? Maybe 10 years ago when I was naive and didn't understand the way this world works, I might have believed that, too. I didn't realize that we were only supposed to believe what was on the news. That we couldn't learn anything other than what is mentioned on the news. I'm sorry, someone must have forgotten to tell me somewhere along the way!

The TRUTH is that a SIDS prevention technique practiced for over two decades has resulted in 0 baby deaths. The technique is mattress wrapping, which has been promoted in the UK and New Zealand with amazing results. It is estimated that well over 235,000 babies have slept on wrapped mattresses with NO infant deaths. With a moderate SIDS rate of 1/1000, two hundred babies statistically "should have" died. So how can anyone say that SIDS is not preventable? Lack of knowledge? Refusal to see the truth? Too many "buts..." to look at the entire picture?

I do have sympathy for parents who have lost their babies. That is why I tell everyone I can about mattress wrapping for SIDS prevention. It is very unfortunate that parents have not been educated on mattress wrapping and continue to suffer loss across the US and abroad. But even worse are those parents who learn it and don't want to believe it, or are convinced by SIDS moms that it is rubbish and a waste of their money.

I will continue to post SIDS information here when it becomes available and every reader who comes across this site can decide for themselves. For more information, please take a look at Prevent SIDS.

Article updated May 2016