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Is SIDS Preventable?

If you haven't heard that a SIDS prevention method has been 100% successful since 1989, you are not alone. Most of us have heard the results of the Back to Sleep campaign, which likes to take credit for the reduction in crib deaths across the globe. While this campaign has helped reduce crib deaths, it is not 100% effective. Only mattress wrapping has been proven 100% effective in preventing crib death. How is this possible? And WHAT is mattress wrapping?!

Mattress Wrapping

Mattress wrapping is based on the toxic gas theory. The theory states that toxic nerve gases permeate from all used mattresses: crib, bassinet, adult mattresses and even sofa cushions. The gases are created when fungus grows inside the mattress (or foam) and  eats certain elements in the mattress, including phosphorus, arsenic, and antimony. Babies, especially those sleeping on their stomachs, breathe in the toxic nerve gases, which results in crib death, or SIDS.

Mattress wrapping, which is essentially wrapping the mattress in a polyethylene cover, prevents the gases from getting into the baby's breathing space. The polyethylene sheeting does not allow the gases to permeate, thereby preventing inhalation and subsequently preventing crib death.

The Toxic Gas "Theory"

Like most people, you are probably wondering about now, why in the world you should trust this "theory" and what you are reading. After all, TONS of other websites by notorious doctors and even SIDS organizations do not accept this theory! Let me assure you that the toxic gas theory is not just a theory anymore; it is pretty well proven to be the cause of crib death. During the "BabeSafe Campaign" not ONE baby died of crib death who slept on a wrapped mattress. Do not take this information lightly. The BabeSafe Campaign has been under way for well over 17 years. That's right: in 17 YEARS not ONE baby has died on a wrapped mattress. It is estimated that 200,000 babies have slept on wrapped mattresses. With a moderate SIDS rate of 1/1000 babies, statistically 200 babies should have died!

What to do NOW to Prevent SIDS

We Don't Want Your Money to Prevent SIDS

SIDS organizations are happy to take your money to find out what we already know: how to prevent SIDS! Did you know that since 1985, Federal funding for SIDS research has increased from $300,000 to over $17 million in 2002? We don't want your money! We want you to help us spread this information. It is hard to say WHEN other doctors and funded scientists are finally going to agree with Barry Richardson and TJ Sprott and admit they discovered the greatest environmental disaster of this century. If you are intrigued, but not quite convinced, please read some more!

Can We REALLY Prevent SIDS?

Technically, there is a difference between SIDS and crib death. We really don't like using the term "SIDS." We do recognize that some deaths are mislabeled, such as vaccine deaths. Mattress wrapping will not prevent these deaths; though these deaths are not truly SIDS- they are deaths caused by vaccines. Mattress wrapping CAN prevent deaths which come from toxic gases, and the success of the mattress wrapping campaign has pretty well proven that the single cause of crib death, where there is no other explanation for death, is toxic gases. If it were not the single cause of crib death, babies would have still died on wrapped mattresses.

FAQ Regarding SIDS Prevention and Mattress Wrapping

Even after reading the information provided here, you probably have tons of questions. Please see our FAQ Regarding SIDS Prevention and Mattress Wrapping.

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Please note that we use "SIDS" and "crib death" interchangeably. For an explanation of these terms, please visit SIDS or Crib Death?
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